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Now offering reflexology in the new studio location - 1729 Deer Lane!

"In a Class by Itself"  

Intentional. Precise. Thorough. Focused. Intuitive. These are but a few of the words clients have used over and over to describe my work. But the word I like to use is PERSONALIZED. From discussing your individual needs, to conducting a thorough muscular assessment, to creating a treatment plan designed specifically for you, to discussing how what you do in your day to day life may be contributing to your issue(s) and things to consider to counter those issues, to good self care post-massage that may help my work last, my goal is simple - to give you the the most beneficial massage - using any number of tools in my toolbox be it on the table, or on my Thai mat, or both - in the time we have. 


What really makes my work different is indeed my style, which can't readily be explained here. Suffice it to say I am trained to communicate with your muscles in a way that takes the feedback they give me - often on the fly - to how best provide relief. It's not about pressure. It's about patience. By working slow, much slower than any therapist you've likely ever had, I'm able to effect change at the deepest levels of your body, often with negligible discomfort during or after the massage. So, one question you will never hear me ask is, "how's the pressure." Honestly, it's an irrelevant question. By being in-tune with your body, my goal is to apply just the right amount of pressure at the right speed, at the right time. I do not force the body to do something it's not yet ready to do, to achieve the desired release, so you'll never see me digging my elbows, painfully, into your knots! There IS a better way!

Something else you'll notice different by looking through my site is how you book time with me. Even though I'm trained in Thai mat massage and any number of Swedish table modalities, you won't be selecting any one style for your session. Instead, you are simply reserving my time. Collectively, we will decide based on your goals or what you'd like to achieve in the session, coupled with my known history of your issues, whether the session will be done on the table or on the mat, or split between the two (the exception here is the 90 minute Pure Relaxation massage, which only takes place with you comfortably seated in my zero-gravity chair). Clients should come dressed in comfortable, non-binding, loose-fitting clothes which allow lots of movement (e.g. no jeans), in case the session takes place on the mat, in which the client remains fully dressed, or the table where the client is encouraged to undress to the level they are comfortable, and remains fully draped for the session. I also provide a change of clothes in the event it is needed. But, don't just take my word for it - I encourage you to read any one of the 200+ five-star reviews here on MassageBook, as well as on Google, my business FaceBook page and other places, then decide for yourself. My style isn't for everyone. But for those who understand the value a good therapeutic massage can provide, you've come to the right place. 

Michael Neumann

Licensed Massage Therapist

Owner, The Body Mechanic of Louisville

Not all massages are the same. You deserve the best! Come experience The Body Mechanic of Louisville difference!


What People Say

With over 200 five-star reviews (between Facebook, Google, MassageBook and Yelp), you can rest assured you are in GREAT hands. Here's what just a few clients have said. You can read more reviews here

Michael is the best massage therapist I have ever met. I always leave feeling better in body, mind and spirit.



A massage with Michael is unlike anything I have ever experienced. It is so much more than a massage. You will walk away feeling better physically, mentally, and emotionally.



Michael is truly a healer, not merely a [masseur] but a magician. His intuitve touch not only soothes the muscles, his reiki abilities touch the soul. I am infinitely grateful to have found him.


Service Options

Your session will be tailored to your individual needs, and designed to ease stress, relieve muscle tension, and generally accelerate the body's natural healing processes through increasing blood circulation, utilizing traditional Swedish and/or Thai massage techniques in combination with other modalities, which may include reflexology, active/passive muscle energy, hot/cold therapy, myofascial release, stretching, and more.
Please note: Standard massage sessions are 90 minutes; however, for full-body/overall relaxation massage, a 120 minute session is highly encouraged. 

MASSAGE (hover over last two options for package details)
  • 60 Minute Massage: $79

  • 90 Minute Massage: $115

  • 120 Minute Massage: $140

  • 60 Minute Reflexology (In Zero Gravity Chair): $85

  • Paraffin Wax (hands and/or feet): $12

  • 30 Minutes Traditional (Chinese) Reflexology: $30

  • 20 Minutes Thai Foot Massage and Reflexology: $20

  • 25 Minute Sound Bath: $30


  • 50 Minute Reiki: $75

  • Sound Bath:  25 Minutes $30  |  50 Minutes: $55


Everything in the Universe, including us, is made of atoms, which is nothing more than energy, that binds in various forms to create us and everything around us. Sometimes, however, our energy pathways, referred to as chakras, can become imbalanced, blocked or even closed for various reasons, creating stress, disfunction and even disease. Reiki is an Eastern medicine alternative/ complimentary treatment that recognizes the existence of this energy and the ability for it to be guided and redirected in ways that promote balance and healing. Studies have shown that Reiki aids in reducing stress, anxiety and depression among other ailments. As a complimentary treatment, Reiki doesn't cure or get rid of any health conditions by itself. In a reiki session you remain fully clothed while laying on a massage table. You might feel sensations like heat, tingling, or pulsing where the practitioner's hands are, or throughout your body. Or you might not notice any immediate changes or there may be changes over time. The outcomes are as unique as the person getting a session.

A sound bath is a fully immersive meditative healing experience involving the use of "singing bowls" to help open energy pathways, release tension and stress and induce a deepened state of relaxation. In my studio it your session takes place in a luxuriously comfortable leather Zero Gravity chair, which by design will help hasten relaxation even before the session begins, but I go the extra mile to ensure your comfort by also placing a lightly heated face pillow over your eyes and covering you with a light throw blanket. Seven crystal bowls are played in various ways to "bathe" you in mesmerizing, resonant sounds that will transport your body and mind to a place of release, cleansing and openness. The resonate sounds made by the bowls can be intense, so if you are hyper sensitive to sounds, find sounds overstimulating, or suffer from migraines with sound triggers, sound baths may not be for you.


Reflexology is a scientifically based alternative/ complimentary treatment rooted in the knowledge that our feet, hands and ears contain trigger or reflex points for every organ, gland, and part of the body. It is used to help release muscle tension, organ and gland disfunction, and improve your overall emotional wellbeing. It has also been shown to be effective in treating a host of ailments, including, but not limited to, muscle pain, fatigue, anxiety, bowl regularity, diseases such as kidney, diabetes, sinusitis, arthritis and even cancer, premenstrual syndrome, and headaches/migraines. In my studio two different types of reflexology are offered: traditional (Chinese) and Thai. In general, your reflexology session, unless used in conjunction with a regular massage, will take place in a luxuriously comfortable leather Zero Gravity chair, which by design will help hasten relaxation even before the session begins, but I go the extra mile to ensure your comfort by also placing a lightly heated face pillow over your eyes and covering you with a light throw blanket. Your feet are then cleansed using warm wet compresses treated with a natural antiseptic, like tea tree oil, before a high concentrate CBD salve, especially formulated for feet, is applied. During the traditional style session, pressure is applied using mostly thumbs to specific places of the top and bottom of your feet. If sensitivity is detected, generally that indicates some form of disfunction in that related part of the body while dissipation of tenderness after a short time accompanies an associated improvement in the related area. In Thai style, a wooden tool rather than the practitioner's thumbs are used to apply direct pressure to specific places on the foot. This style is utilized more for its ability to promote relaxation than as a form of treatment for other physical and emotional ailments, as it is extremely hard to ascertain "congestion" in the reflex tissue through use of the wooden tool. Thai tradition also dictates various massage, stretching and energy release techniques be used as part of the session, which are not typical of traditional style. Reflexology is an incredibly relaxing experience, but you may experience intermittent, temporary sharp pains, lasting mere milliseconds locally where pressure is being applied to the foot, to tingling/ electrical impulses in the related part of the body. These are all quite normal.

This purely indulgent package starts with you reclining in a luxurious leather Zero Gravity chair. A heated neck wrap envelopes your neck while a warm sinus pillow over your eyes and light blanket over the rest of you helps hasten relaxation. Warm, wet compresses of dead sea salt and natural oils are then applied to your feet and your hands are placed in bags containing warm, specially blended paraffin wax. While the compresses are softening your feet you'll enjoy a gentle shoulder massage. Then your legs (from the knees down) and your feet become the star of the show! They'll be gently exfoliated with your choice of a lavender or peppermint rosemary salt scrub, massaged with high grade CBD cream, receive Thai energy cleansing work and a 54 point foot reflexology utilizing a special Thai stick before your feet are wrapped in heated booties. After the paraffin bags are removed, your hands and forearms will be treated to a thoroughly relaxing massage before your hands are placed in warm mittens. The massage ends with a damp cooling cloth replacing the warm sinus pillow over your eyes and a hot stone massage on your legs and feet. 

200 Minute Kelly Birthday Special

Named after my friend Kelly who first booked this unique offering of two separate sessions which I've now made into one package that truly is the ultimate in self care, and what better time to do that than for your birthday! Our time together starts with a 90 minute table massage, followed by the 90 minute Pure Thai Pampering and Relaxation session. Between the two some light refreshments are served. For some folks I've provided champagne and cheesecake. For others, margaritas and queso with chips, so special requests will be considered. A word to the wise, however, I guarantee you to be so fully relaxed after our time comes to an end that you might want to think about using a rideshare service to get home! 

90 MInute Pure Thai Pampering and Relaxation

90 Minute Pure Thai Pampering and Relaxation $79

200 Minute Kelly Birthday Special $240


The Studio


1729 Deer Lane

Louisville, KY 40205


By Appointment Only from:

10 AM to 6 PM Tuesdays

11 AM to 8 PM Wed. and Thurs.

10 AM to 6 PM Fridays

9 AM to 6 PM Saturdays

Sundays and Mondays: Closed Sundays and Mondays

Tel: 502-67RENEW (73639)


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